$1 billion crypto Ponzi scheme operators sentenced in China

Chinese law court has passed a final verdict, sentencing crypto Ponzi scheme operators in jail. The masterminds gained over $1 billion from their WoToken pyramid scheme. Ponzi schemes are one other strategy used by fraudsters to defraud unsuspecting investors of their hard-earn money. Most recently, a group of four persons was sentenced by a Chinese […]

Litecoin price prediction: LTC may fall to $46, analyst

Litecoin price prediction expects a fall to $46. Litecoin is quickly losing support above $50. The head and shoulder pattern is pulling bearish momentum. The Litecoin price prediction by Solldy suggests a short entry for the cryptocurrency at the $56 level. The price is expected to fall towards the $45 to $46 range in this […]

Cryptocurrency services in Mongolia to be a reality

Cryptocurrency services in Mongolia to become a reality soon. Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia partners Hexland and Delio. Collaborative efforts to bring cryptocurrency services in Mongolia through blockchain. Developing countries are quickly jumping onto the blockchain and cryptocurrency bandwagon in the post-COVID-19 world, recently Cambodia launched their central bank digital currency platform and now […]

Ripple price prediction: XRP to hit $0.22, analyst

Ripple price prediction expects $0.22 low. Ripple is quickly losing support. Strong resistance in the $0.24 range. The Ripple price prediction by Ar Shevelev suggests that the cryptocurrency will trend towards the $0.247 level before falling short to $0.22. The price moved to the $0.240 mark on the 29th of October. 1-Day Ripple price analysis […]

EcoFi blockchain platform aims to change DeFi world

EcoFi blockchain platform aims to the change the world. The platform aims to bring a DeFi revolution. Expanding the horizons of the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) realm, EcoFi is the next big blockchain experiment promising secure and reliable innovation. Offering enhanced features like censorship resistance, the EcoFi blockchain platform is of open-source functionality, hoping to extend […]

SiGMA ups its game with a state-of-the-art virtual expo

SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo will focus on the European gaming and tech marketplace SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of their November event, SiGMA Europe Virtual Expo. The online event, which runs from the 24th to 25th, will focus on the European gaming and tech marketplace.  In a first for the company, the event […]

Bank of Canada working with G7 on its CBDC

Governor of Bank of Canada, Tiff Macklem revealed today that the central bank was working with its G7 partners towards its own digital currency. The Governor also highlighted a need for a “globally The post Bank of Canada working with G7 on its CBDC appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Crypto debit cards could facilitate crypto adoption

Visa and Coinbase partner to create first crypto debit card Debit card could spur crypto adoption and acceptance  Generally, most people would rather use crypto assets as a store of value or as an investment instead of using it to make daily transactions or for payments of goods and services. This is because of its […]

Iran makes pro Cryptocurrency law change

Iran has decided to amend legislation on digital assets to allow imports to enter it thanks to an article from the Islamic Republic News Agency ( IRNA). The amendment proposed by both the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) and cabinet came with conditions that the crypto meets regulatory standards. To qualify to Iran’s expectation, the […]

Ethereum satellite set for launch

Ethereum based blockchain satellite to be launched on November 20. This is a first of its kind in the history of space communication. A record is about to be set as Villanova University College of Engineering. Having partnered with the non-profit organization, Teachers in Space, together, they are set to launch the first-ever blockchain-backed inter-satellite […]

Bitcoin long-term Price Analysis: 29 October

Bitcoin might be at the end of its current price rally after the asset clocked in a new-high at $13,884. While its sights were possibly set on a new position above $14,000, the recent drop might chang The post Bitcoin long-term Price Analysis: 29 October appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Cardano releases Daedalus 2.4.0

Cardano had been working on the Daedalus wallet update 2.4.0 for a long time now and was working on the final stages of Trezor hardware wallet integration. After much work, the team has finally releas The post Cardano releases Daedalus 2.4.0 appeared first on AMBCrypto.

Ethereum satellite set for launch

Ethereum based blockchain satellite to be launched on November 20. This is a first of its kind in the history of space communication. A record is about to be set as Villanova University College of Engineering has partnered with a non-profit organization, Teachers in Space, to launch a first-ever blockchain-backed inter-satellite communication that would happen […]

Caitlin Long now has the same powers as national banks

Caitlin Long has been granted the same powers as national banks for its specific business lines. Her company Avanti Bank and Trust, where she is the founder and chief, has been awarded a bank charter which for digital assets comes with custody services. By next year Avanti will be providing commercial accounts and in the […]

Avanti named second crypto bank in America

Avanti has gained approval to debut a crypto bank in Wyoming. This becomes the second crypto-friendly banking institution in the US. The concept of the crypto bank is gradually gaining ground in the United States, particularly in the state of Wyoming. Recently, the leading digital currency exchange Kraken was approved by the state’s authorities to […]

Canadian digital dollar is past trial phases, BoC Governor

Canadian digital dollar could be ready to launch. Bank of Canada Governor reveals progress in a press interview. Canada is working with G7 countries for the digital dollar. The Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem reveals that the Canadian digital dollar is well past the trial phases. Macklem further revealed in a press interview with […]

Fidelity: Stack Funds partner to serve growing Bitcoin demand in Asia

Fidelity partners Stack Funds to facilitate Bitcoin adoption by institutions in Asia. The development is aimed at providing an adequately secured environment for digital assets. In recent months, institutions have been slowly getting into crypto. The lack of security and risk-mitigated platforms for Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies has been a historical challenge against crypto […]

Why Blockchain adoption is on the rise in Eastern Europe

Blockchain adoption is rising across the globe especially in Eastern Europe. Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Kazakhstan are top of the list. Post Soviet era is tough for most countries where blockchain seems to be a solution. The Russian Soviet Union’s cessation resulted in the liberation of several countries. However, three decades is relatively a […]

Ripple has decided to move to Japan

Ripple announced its plan to move to Japan.  The announcement came from SBI Holdings Yoshitaka Kitao, at their financial results briefing that took place yesterday.  MoneyTap, the company’s app, is what inspired the transition as the company plan along with 38 Japanse banks to invest in it.  Ripple has decided to move to Japan Ripple […]

Blockchain vs. traditional finances: Blockchain is the future

Blockchain vs. traditional finances debate is heating up in the post-COVID-19 world. Blockchain is the innovation leading the financial world. The traditional financial system is slow and expensive. Digital trade is set to break all previous records in the upcoming two years and exceed $4.6 trillion worldwide. With the advent of blockchain vs. traditional finances […]

Bitwise exceeds $100M AUM as institutional demand surges

Bitwise’s AUM has surpassed $100 million. There have been increased activities of professional investors on the platform since the market upticks began. In recent days, the crypto market demand peaked as digital currencies began increasing in price, especially Bitcoin (BTC). The largest crypto by market cap broke past $13,000 recently, soaring further to a yearly […]